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for what it is worth....since I am not that well informed on this subject of the mighty Thyroid, though been dx's for 8 years and on meds this whole time. It may sound weird, and I am probably reaching for apples or what ever that expression is.

My eyes were dry and gritty (but not always) that I even began instiling those OTC drops just for dry eyes. (it helped, but I am not a good eye dropper person) also I have been now for the past 3 years having to go for glauchoma checks every six months, (high normal readings) but since I got my meds upped from 50mg eltroxin to 75mg synthroid, my eyes for the past 4 days have not bothered me. Not even a morning gritty build-up.

Maybe it is all unrelated, but I have HYPO no Hashi or any other name sooooo (am I maybe perhaps babbling?) hope not.