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:wave: I am so sorry that you are having problems but I know how you feel I had thyroid surgery last oct and I am still having problems and do not feel that doctors and others are being honest with me.
their are others that get on the defence when ever I hit a bingo that they do not want to hear. The first doctor that I went to flat out told me that their was nothing wrong with me and that I needed something for depression did not want to do any lab work nothing.I more less had to demand that he do lab work because I knew that their was something wrong with me ever one knows their body and then their is something wrong.Six days later he personal called me and told me that he wanted to see me in his office that he had something to tell me and I said no being that you have made it clear to me that their was nothing wrong feel that It would be a waste of my time and your time and save me money cannot afford another office visit for you to tell me that their is nothing wrong with me he said well I need to tell you that you have a major problem with your thyroid and it is not working at all and that he would call me in for a scrip for thyroid meds. Taking 150Mg of synthroid.I know how you feel I am a certified nurse assistance if you cannot get the help from your doctor find some one that will lesson to you and that will do what it takes to get you better. I do know that thyroid cancer is one of the very easy cancers to treat. I would be mad too I am still having a few problems with other not being as honest as I think that they should be.Keep us posted and good luck
Yea I know mylevels are way to low. I had a doctor not endo, run my levels and they were almost non existant. The problem with my endo is that he is an A**. He has not seen me since right before my last surgery in December. When I have called about problems he never returns my call and the one time his nurse called me she toldme he THINKS my level is low and adjusted my meds over the phone. He has not ran blood tests or anything. So I fired him. We are asking for a transfer back to Texas so my transplant team can take over my care. We nare hoping by thed end of June we will be back home. Right now I have to get a mamagram because the lymphnoids under my arm and breast are swollen and very sore. Plus they are checking me for full blown lymphoma.
My meds are Synthroid 100mg and then Cytomel 5mg twice a day