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Eleven years ago, I had the classic symptoms of Graves Disease - Goiter, bug eyes, etc. PTU did not help at all, so the doctor's opted for a surgery to remove 95% of my thyroid. Went on Synthroid and all was well for two years.

Then, out of the blue, I had a thyroid storm. I thought that I was going to die, but I was quickly stabalized at the hospital and it was decided that I would go through Iodine Radiation. My thyroid was totally gone.

No problems for 9 years, except occasionally having to pull out stitches that never disolved from the surgery (I know, kind of gross).

About two weeks ago, I notice that I have a small bump (not visible) on the left side of my neck. Since it's where my thyroid was, I just assumed that it was another stitch working its way to the surface. This morning, I wake up, and it looks like I have a goiter. It's painful to swallow and the left side of my jaw is sore. I called the doctor and can't get in until Monday.

So, here's my question... Can I have thyroid cancer if I don't have a thyroid? This sounds really stupid, but for my peace of mind this weekend, I need to know.