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I know what you mean about the thyroid stuff -- it took me over a year to get it right. My first doctor identified the hypothyroidism, but gave me a dose of synthroid that was much too low. When the symptoms continued (sleeping 12-14 hours a day, lethargic, unable to concentrate), he insisted that the dosage was adequate and that I was depressed and needed an anti-depressant, so he put me on an anti-depressant. When THAT didn't work, I went to an endocrinologist, who looked at my synthroid dosage and said, "I didn't think they made a pill with that low a dosage!" She got me straightened out within 2 months, and I've been at a good level ever since.

And I know what you mean about never having a problem, then suddenly something appears. You go along believing everything is fine, the something knocks you off that complacent pedestal. I'm 53, no children or pregnancies, just became post-menopausal. I've had mammograms since I was 30 because of a strong family history of breast cancer (mother and paternal grandmother), but there has never been an abnormality. When they called me back to the hospital for the sonogram, I had tears rolling down my cheeks from the anxiety. Two days later I had the needle biopsy (husband went with me, so I wasn't so emotional).

I see the surgeon this Friday. I expect the surgery is done at my local hospital in their day surgery unit, but I won't know for sure until I see the surgeon. I asked my PCP whether this was a day surgery or an overnight thing, and she said it will depend on the surgeon and whether the lump location is likely to cause a lot of bleeding. I won't know the date until I see the surgeon, but I'm sort of aiming for the first week of July at a time when my husband can get off work and be with me when I come home.

Well, that's a whole lot more than you asked for! Hang in there; see if maybe a friend can go with you so you can vent and just have someone there to listen.

Also, I found the nurses at the radiology center to be very supportive. I guess they see lots of worried women in their jobs. Don't be afraid to voice your anxiety.