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Quote from dlkk:
I just started taking T3 for the past five days and have been feeling worse and worse each day. Is it possible to feel the effects so soon? I feel so bad that I can't figure out if my meds are making me sick. I had blood work done last week so I guess that will give me some more information.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]The question is, "Why are you only on T3?" What were your lab results? Please post the results, along with the lab ranges.
T3 peaks within 2 hours and lasts another 6, or only a total of 8 hours. What dosage are you on? You are getting too much if you're feeling worse. It's not like T4 (Synthroid) where it takes weeks to build up and many days for the effects to weaken. The two are not interchangeable, if you need only T3, then you can't take T4 to get good results. However, T4 is changed into T3, but at a much slower rate, and often not enough of it if you're already hypo.
Hopefully you had the Free T3 and Free T4's done......no other labs will help decide just how much of what you require. These lab results should be in the mid-upper range before you will feel well again.....and yes, you can feel well again.
Good luck! Judy[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wonderful congratulations on your semi-success. Really glad to hear that you stood up to the doc! You can see how uninformed they often are!!
As for the Cytomel......25 mcg is a lot for starting.....if you get shaky, please don't hesitate to cut it in half for a week, then start up to 25 again. If you're still shaky, cut it in half again (now down to 1/4 tab) for a few days and see if you're not doing better there. I don't think you'll need to go to that length though. DON'T FORGET....THE EFFECTS ONLY LAST 8 HOURS!
It only takes 2 weeks to raise your level to whatever dosage you're taking of T3 (Cytomel), so if he's not ordered bloodwork again for 6 weeks, you've got plenty of wiggle-room. How you feel is a much better indicator than the blood work!!
Free T4 1.17 (.89-1.76)
Free T3 212 (210-440)
Your T3 is way low.....no wonder you've not felt that well. Since you're a woman (post-menopausal), you're going to feel more comfortable above 325. Your T4 needs to be just above 1.32, above the midway point. Since he's not changed your T4 (Synthroid), there isn't going to be much change there. I wouldn't worry about that for now, one change at a time. However, it would have been better to change that dose first, because more T4 available to use means making more T3...and you're already taking extra with the Cytomel. If he does happen to up your T4, please be sure to cut back on the Cytomel for a few weeks so you don't go hyper, maybe by half, until you can feel whether you're going to become hyper. You'll know within the first week after increasing the T4 whether you need to cut back the Cytomel for a while.
Of course these are just numbers.....the ultimate test is how well you feel in your daily life. Don't settle for less.
You're on the right path!
Keep us posted and good luck!!