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No, that is not a mis-type. Just had the blood work done. Has anyone seen levels like this? (TSH 110.52) I came off my synthroid (gradually) and this is what happened.
I have one doctor telling me I should stay on it forever and another telling me it's (the synthroid) just masking an underlying problem and to get to the problem, I need to be off! I'm really confused!
Thanks for any input.
Hi Newpup and welcome to the boards!
Were you having an adverse reaction to the Synthroid? If that's the case, you can switch meds. I believe everyone has certain thyroid meds that work better for them than others. What were your previous labs? Is TSH all that was tested for your thyroid?
Obviously with your TSH being so high, you DO need the medication. That doctor that said you didn't need thyroid meds needs to be DROPPED like a hot potato! He knows not what he speaks.
What are your symptoms, your labs and ranges?
With a TSH that high, it's safe to say your thyroid is fried and it ain't comin' back no matter what you do.
You shouldn't even think of staying off thyroid med.

What specialty is the doctor that says Synthroid is "masking" something else, and what the heck is he smokin'? Let me guess... he sells some kind of miracle cure, only he knows the formula, and you can only get it through him. Be afraid... very afraid... of him.