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Just found this board and am hoping someone can help me. I am 6 weeks post total ********ctomy (long story--radiation exposure, multiple tumours). Fortunately the lesions were papillary hyperplasia and not carcinoma. I had my first post op bloods drawn almost 2 weeks ago and it has taken me most of the past week to get the results from the doctor's office. Given that I am going to have to be on these meds the rest of my life I am very disappointed in the lack of response from the office. So, here I sit with results in hand and not a clue as to what they mean. What I do know is I still feel lousy. I have a 24 hour a day headache (dull background type not migraine) and am very light-headed, especially when standing up after bending over (when gardening, etc). I am sleeping way too much--absolutely not in my nature. I currently am taking 150 mcg synthroid. Results:

t3 uptake 38.7 (28-40)
t4 5.3 (6.0-12.0) low
tsh 0.07 (0.3 - 5.5) low
t4 free 0.7 (o.6-1.7) borderline low
plasma renin 6.6 (0.65-5.0) high

Assuming I will in fact here from this endo eventually--what should I ask him? The last 2 times my blood was done my tsh and t4 were both low. I would really like to have some idea what all this means and what I can ask for to help feel more like myself. Thank you in advance for ANY advice!!