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You're so right, dlkk. There is so much to learn about endocrine disorders in general and hypoT in particular. The wheels of medical research grind sooooo painfully slowly, it makes me wonder if they'll ever figure it out!

Off-topic, but interesting... Do you know that two doctors (one is named Marshall, I think) discovered that stomach ulcers are caused by a bacterium fully ten years before the rest of medicine accepted it to be true? There is a specific reason why I find that unforgivable... My nephew was plagued by stomach ulcers since birth. Nothing helped, and he was in constant pain. Because of all the problems and expense his life-long illness caused, he couldn't get health insurance once he grew too old for his mother's plan. He had to take a second job while in such ill health in order to save enough money for the $20,000 surgery to treat the ulcers. The surgeon wanted the money up front. DN finally had the dangerous, major surgery, from which it took about 6 months to recover... And just about six months after that, the big announcement was made in all the medical journals that a simple antibiotic script and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol would have cured those ulcers... And it could have been done exactly 9 years earlier if it weren't for the stubbornness of the medical profession!

I'm afraid that the tyrrany of the Almighty TSH test and Synthroid are always going to plague us.