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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I would stand by Armour until my dying day (not too soon, hopefully). Armour tests each and every batch for purity and dosage. Synthroid does not, and is now being sued for just that! I wouldn't take Synthroid if it was the ONLY thyroid medication on the market! After all the research I've done......that's where I stand!! :cool: [/FONT]
[QUOTE]They also say that Armour isn't safe to take and has problems with potency, however I can found nothing that supports this.I think this assumption comes from the smear campaign Synthroid did when it was introduced in 1955. No doubt, in Armour's early period, there were problems with potency, until the techniques for titration that they use now were invented. But that doesn't mean any of the synthetics' titration methods are any better.
I can't find anything about Armour recalls for potency problems, either; but there is plenty of information about the synthetics.