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First of all, thank you for all your advice and direction. I went to the dr today and my TSH was 6.82? They had not recieved the T3 or T4 and she was going by the TSH alone. She prescribed Levoxyl to me and suggested I come back in 6 weeks. I have never heard about this type of medication and was wondering if it worked like synthroid. I am still irritated at the fact I had to fight my family dr for so long only to be handed a prescription for medicine to treat merely the symptoms..... finally took taking it in my own hands and talking with a nurse practitioner to get anything done. I am heart-broken that some of you on here are still having all of these symptoms and being turned away bec of " ranges". This is a great board and I am glad that I stumbled onto it in my time of need. All of you are truly wonderful. :jester:
Congratulations on having the moxie it takes to make yourself be heard!
Levoxyl is another brand of T4 medication, like Synthroid, Unithroid, Levothroid, and several others. They're all the same basic med. There are also combination T4/T3 meds - like the natural Armour and Naturethroid, and the synthetic Thyrolar. These work better for a lot of people who fail to get complete relief from T4 only.

I hope this is a new doctor that who finally Rx'ed the Levoxyl, not the one who put you off for 7 years. A TSH of 6.82 is way worse than "a little under". Ninety-five percent of the healthy population - that is, those without thyroid disease - has a TSH between 1-1.5. You can see yours is way off... No doubt you feel terrible. If it is the same doctor who put you off, be aware that through the long haul, he/she probably isn't going to work in your best interest. You should've been treated long before your TSH got that high.

Keep reading and learning everything you can about your condition. It's the surest way to get the treatment you need. There are reading recommendations in the sticky thread titled "Information Archive".