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So last Friday, I made an appt. with my ob/gyn to have tests run again, went in, asked to have free T3 and free T4 tested again even if TSH was normal, said ok, and called today with results, TSH is normal but nothing else. DUH, I could have TOLD them that without wasting $20 at the doctor.
So should I go ahead and make an endo appt.?

Do any of you see an internist over an endo? I am in Dallas, and have looked at the doctors Mary Solomon recommends and I think ONE is on my insurance but I could go see her? I AM on Synthroid (50mg), but feel so so tired, foggy and depressed and specifically asked my ob/gyn office if I should come in there to be tested or if they would rather me take it up with an endo or internist. grrr. I almost think the tired / foggy might be related to something else, and don't want to seem like a hypochondriac but I KNOW I should feel better.