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Hi hun. I was just wondering if you are on anything for your panic attacks currently? Has the thyroid medicine helped your attacks at all or is it too soon to tell? Do you really think this is what's causing it? I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I am truly hoping this is the cause to my attacks. I just started medication for it yesterday. What medication are you on for your thyroid? I'm taking synthroid .075(mcg).

Oh my, it is so wonderful to find someone else going through what I encountered over a year ago...I was in same predicament with tingling and numbness and they tested me for ms and parkinsons and i lost it... thought i was losing my mind and thought i was having a nervous breakdown. they diagnosed me with hypo and also gave me lexapro for anxiety/depression. Within 3 months I was wonderful. Turns out that I have been hypo since i was 16 I am now 38 and no one ever caught it. During this last year, I felt better than I had since I was 13. I owe it to my gyn and synthroid and lexapro... i hope to never go to that dark & scary place again.