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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kim, this is a little complicated. First of all, you're being underdosed. The 25 mcg that you're getting is considered a "non-dose". It's no wonder you feel so bad. What's happening is that your pituitary gland is sensing that you have T4 floating around so is not stimulating your thyroid to put out even close to it's usual amount...although that wasn't enough either. So...now you're actually getting less than before. On top of that, you aren't making near enough T3 that your body can actually use and so things are slowly crashing. This will include such things as your pancreas which puts out the insulin to digest your foods, in particular your sugars (all carbohydrates). Now that you've got too much sugar floating around your bloodstream, you're set up for yeast infections...one after the other. I'm surprised that you've not got a bladder infection on top of it.
I do not like Synthroid and am a strong believer in Armour (or one of the other natural products...pig/beef gland). It has T4, T3, T2, and T1, all of which you need, but in different doses than you require. Takes a few months to get it right....as does Synthroid. Armour is not a dirty product as the Synthroid believers would have you think. In fact, Synthroid is being sued for inconsistency, not Armour!
Anyway, try and get your doc to do a Free T3 and Free T4 tests to see where you stand (you should be in the mid-upper range....there is no "normal"). Even if you can only get him to order the Free T4, that's better than nothing. You'll probably find that you're well in the low range....don't take his word for saying that you're "normal". Get copies of the tests and post them here along with the ranges. They do only the FT4 because Synthroid people don't want you to know that you might need T3 too......since Synthroid is supposed to be so perfect (sorry, I get mad).
Good luck and keep us posted!