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You had helped me earlier with some symtoms that I believed were from the Synthroid.....my endo had order all kinds of blood tests to make sure my liver and kidneys were functioning right, so that would dismiss that as a reason for the terrible swelling/edema in my feet, ankles and calves. Well, the labs came back as normal and he wanted me to get another opinion from my GP....she took one look at me and said it looked like an allergy reaction....and wondered why the endo was telling me that it was not. She also said that she didn't want to do an echocardiogram right now, as she felt it would be normal. She said that if the swelling didn't go down after a change of medicine, then she would do one. She suggested that the meds should be changed right away and I did tell her about Nature-throid. She immediately called the pharmacy to get as much info about it as she could, she was much more familiar with Armour. She didn't want to give me an Rx...didn't want to interfere with endo, but she did write on an Rx that she believed it was an allergy to the synthroid fillers/dye and suggested that I change to Nature-throid. She told me that if he was unwilling to give me this or make a change to something else, that she would give me an Rx tomorrow for the Nature-throid...but to know that I would have to change my endo then. So....I went home, called the endo, explained everything to him. He did listen to everything I said. He wants to give me an Rx for Unithroid. He says that he feels the synthetics have a more controlled dose than the Armour or Nature-throid. He did go on to say that he does give presciptions for these to some patients that do poorly on the synthetics, but he wants me to try this first to see if the swelling/edema goes away. If it does not he says we can talk about the other meds.
I am sorry that this is so long....but, I guess my question is, do you know anything about this Unithroid?? Is it the same thing that I am taking now, but just with a different name?? Could the fillers/dye be different enough to make a difference....or should I just say NO, I want to go with the Armour or Nature-throid now. Thanks for all of your help....Claudia
Do you have a copy of those labs? Post those with the ranges if you do.

I can tell you about Unithroid, I take it and also take Nature-Throid. Unithroid is a T4 only synthetic, different binders and fillers than Synthroid. I am pretty sensitive to stuff and have never had a problem with it, once when I had labwork done the lab tech said more people loose more hair on Synthroid and not on Unithroid, I never lost a lot on it.

I would insist on the Nature-Throid though, I take that as well and have felt much better since taking it, I take a small amount of the Unithroid to bring up my T4 level. I have taken Unithroid for about 3 years and been on the Nature-Throid now for about 10 weeks.
The labs I mentioned were just blood work that my endo wanted done to check my liver and kidney function. I have had severe swelling in my feet, ankles and calves. I felt it was a hypersensitivity to the Synthroid, and the endo just wanted to make sure there were no other problems that were causing the edema.

Here are my latest labs for my thyroid:
TSH .02 (.40-5.50)
Free T4 1.5 (.8-1.8)
Free T3 467 (230-420)

Thanks for the info on Unithyroid. The endo promised me that if the swelling doesn't go away he will talk to me about the Nature-thyroid. He said he thought that the synthetics have more consistant dosing, but he didn't have a problem changing me to the natural ones if this continues to be a problem. He asked me to give it 4 weeks and I said I would try. The GP did give me an Rx for Lasix to help with the edema. Do you think I should give it a chance....or am I being foolish??? should I insist on the Nature-thyroid right now? Thanks for all your help, Claudia