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like most im am here for a little advice..i am 25 yrs old and 5'3/180lbs yeah bad i know!!! up untill i had my first child at 19 i was skinny sporting sizes 0-3 now sporting a unattractive 16 pant size and xl shirts :( ...anyways a bit about myself. i talked to the doctor about my weight but she didnt seem to care or give me the time of day to say much but hand me a few papers on how to eat right, sounds familiar right??lol i exercise and eat healthy for the the most part my breakfast consists of low fat yogurt and a bananna.. lunch: a salad and something small such as half a sandwich.. dinner: normal portions of something balanced and then snackpopcorn or more yogurt!! so what am i doing wrong i have been at this stand still for 2 yrs now and i am just ready to give up all together!! i had my blood taken for test and put on synthroid for a few months then was retested and the doc said it balanced itself out ..i dont give.. i always thought once you had a problem with your thyroid it didnt go away?? well is it my eating habits or do i need to find a new doctor that might be able to help?? the thing is other wise besides this problem i love my doctor and would like to stay with her but try to correct this matter..so can anyone give me advice or suggestions?? thank you :confused:( p.s sorry for any misspelled words :bouncing: