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In January 2004, was diagnosed with an ependymoma tumor on my pituitary gland. My Endo. immediately placed me on Synthroid (0.75mcg), AndroGel(5mg) and Prednisone (5mg). Tumor was removed on March 8, 2004. My Neuro. has informed that he was not able to get all the tumor and still may need to go through a few high doses of radiation to kill the remaining tumor.
All of my most recent tests clearly show that all glandular functions are improving, in fact, normal. My Endo. keeps insisting that "you are going to be on Prednisone for the rest of your life". I DO NO ACCEPT THAT !
I am 46 years old and in pretty good health. I am now off Synthroid and I now want to begin to be slowly taken off Prednisone. I am having horrible side affects with the Prednisone. Of course, weight gain, so far about 40 lbs., depression, significant mood swings, can't sleep at night, food cravings like you wouldn't beleive, can't focus on more that one thing at a time. Prednisone is affecting my work, my home life and my sanity. I am in desperate need to find another Endo. in Indianapolis and also looking for other alternatives to Prednisone. The Endo. keeps saying that he is worried that I will go into some sort of adrenal crisis, yet, all my test results show normal ranges for that hormone. My Neuro. keeps telling that I need to begin to be weaned off of "the Pred" to see if the pituitary has now "jumped started", which he fuly beleives that it is.
My Neuro and Endo obviously do not see eye-to-eye as far as my long-term care. I am totally lost and don't know where to turn. Any assistance with alternatives to "the Pred" or advice on other options concerning Endocrinologist would be appreciated.
Thank You !