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I have been dx with Hypothyroidism. I have been on Synthroid for 7 weeks. I was hoping it would kick start my metabolism. So far nothing. I don't gain weight so much anymore.....but I'm not losing either. Does anyone know about any weight loss tips? I have tried posting on the thyroid forum too. Thanks!! :)
I was just diagnosed and put on Synthroid, too. I have been working out constantly and completely changing my diet over the past year. I even changed jobs so I could have more time to work out and eat better. Finally, I was diagnosed and basically told that I couldn't have lost weight to begin with. So I was expecting to start seeing change pretty quickly as I had already established the healthy lifestyle, I just needed the hormones to catch up. However, I was told that it may take up to 6 months before things really start to kick in and work. I think patience is the only thing we can do. Work hard, eat right, and wait for things to start happening. Annoying, isn't it?
Heddy..I was dx with an underactive thyroid about a yr ago. I tell you one thing, after having my second baby it was tough to lose that weight. I did a lot of working out and to no avail. It was frustrating. I too need to lose 30-35lbs to get back to my original weight before the kids. You haven't been on Synthroid very long so you will have to be patient for the medication to take full effect on you. It is hard to tell when it will be. I started feeling better in January but started having problems again so my dr bumped my mcgs of Synthroid to 100mcg. The first month on that was hard on me and I could barely do anything and just this morning I was able to get out of bed with no troubles. SO this is a sign that it is starting to work now. When I was feeling better I started taking Ionamin for weight loss and it helped with my food cravings and I didn't see much help with it giving me energy so I took b-12 shots and drank one red bull a day. I stopped taking the Ionamin (which I asked the dr if that caused me to fall back again and she said more than likely no since it was a low dose) and I am still drinking the Red Bull and taking a b-12 vitamin instead of the shot for now. It does help give me the energy to still exercise. Even though all the exercise may not be helping it is good to keep it up or you may start gaining more weight, which ended up being my case.

I eat anywhere between 1200-1350 calories a day.

I will eat:
3- starches
2 fruits
8- glasses of water

I have lost 8lbs so far. I also purchased Slim in 6 so I could have variety in my workouts. I read up on it on the internet and was pretty impressed with what they were saying in their forums. I wish you well with your weight loss and I hope that you get your thyroid balanced soon. It just takes time so be patient.~K