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Here they were over a week ago when they reduced me from .112mcg Of Synthroid to 50mcg because I felt hyper. The drew blood one week later after reducing me to 50mcg and this was the result. They did not do the Free levels.
Before all of this I was on 100mcg and my TSH was 8. My Free T3 was 254 Range 230-420. And Free T4 1.4 Range .8-1.8

TSH 18.33 Range 0.34-5.60
T4 8.6 Range 6.1-12.2
T3 2.02 range .87-1.78

So one week later they drew blood again and ran the Free levels. I have been taking 50mcg for 2 weeks. Remember 2 weeks ago I was taking .112mcg of Synthroid and felt hyper.

TSH 40.14 Range .34-5.60
FT4 .83 Range .58-1.64
FT3 2.59 Range 2.39-6.79

Why would my above T3 be so elevated yet my Free T3 low??
they would like me to increase to 75mcg of Synthroid. I'm still so confused by the numbers. Could I have gone so hyper on the 112mcg that my Free levels stayed in range. With my TSH so high I would have thought my Frees would be lower. Sorry for all the questions. I just feel so miserable. I wonder if we may want to test my Pituitary gland. Just thoughts.

Or could this be my Hashi. My antibodies in Jan of this year are 3353.
Hi Bellajoon
I was on the 112mcg for 2 weeks. I was actually starting to feel good when it hit me. I got very anxious and jittery and did not sleep for 2 days. I cannot seem to get over the 100mcg marker. This is the 3 time we have tried 112mcg and it failed. So I'm on the slow climb back up. I'm at 75mcg for the last 3 days. I need to get back to 100mcg and level off.

I have tried using both T3/T4 combo and it did not work for me. I tired other brands of T4 and they each had a something in them did not agree with me. So back to Synthroid for now. I have also had my B-12 tested and it was low normal. My folic acid is also low normal. I'm waiting for my Ferritin level to come back. Hopefully we can find the reason I'm having such a problem with the meds.