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Quote from clinda:
Most family doctors will refer you to an endocrinlogist. Find a good one. Some of them can really mess you up. I'm hyper and I had the same symptoms you have except for the bleeding thing...I'm post menopausal! My edno dr. put me on tapazole 5 mg., sure worked for me.

My advice, see a endo specialist. Family doctors don't know all there is to know about thyroid problems....endos do!

most endos know about thyroid problems, but they usually treat diabetics ..

my endo gets his knickers in a knot when my free T3 is at the top of its range or just 1 1/100th of a point above (i think it was actually 5.8, which is a tenth -- my lab's range for a free T3 is 2.5 to 5.7) ... i took his advice once and reduced my synthroid, and ended up feeling just awful again, but my GP :angel: fully backs me up on my treatment, so now i get my synthroid/cytomel from him, instead of my endo ...

my point is twofold: that these ranges don't mean much - as i said, my lab's range for a free T3 is 2.5 to 5.7, yet at 5.7 i felt (relatively) well (it actually went up to 8 at one point, but only my GP and i know about that ... a couple of weeks later i began having this vague feeling of anxiety, i cut myself back, and now i don't feel well again, which tells me i shouldn't have cut back so much) ... my endo had a fit when my fT3 was 5.8 :mad: ... i'm still struggling to get back to how well i felt then, and that was weeks ago -- couple of months? and that you never know who'll help you -- my GP, bless his heart, was the last person i expected to help me ...

when i think that your TSH was 0.25, and the range is 0.28 to 0.35 -- my lord, girl, you have all the symptoms!! and, let's see, 0.28 - 0.25 = .03 points off? get my drift here??

my advice to you is to buy a book called "the thyroid solution" by dr. ridha arem, and "thyroid for dummies", which i gather is also quite good ....arem explains how these ranges are arrived at: an average of healthy ppl, and then it's averaged again, and i think again, and they come up with these almost-bogus ranges, to which many doctors voraciously cling, to the very nth of a point ...

now that you've let me vent ;) , thanks --- i needed that!!
Quote from katkat:
My regular family doc has been on vacation. He got back Saturday so he can look at my test results and let me know what he thinks I should do next. I feel just fine some days but then out of the blue I start feeling awful. Yesterday I got up, dressed, teeth brushed, makeup on and feeling fine. I went to pour my first cup of coffee and a wave of nausea hit me like a ton of bricks, it took my breath away. That was 7 AM. I ended up laying down until 10AM when the nausea finally passed. Can hyperthyroid cause nausea? The rest of the day I was shaky and weak feeling but no more nausea.

a week ago friday, i was feeling pretty good ;) about going on vacation that day, my energy was up, when all of a sudden i had a wave of nausea that lasted about 1/2 an hour ... i'm always tripping on the edge of being hyper, and i think that was it ...

about four days previous, i'd increased my dose of synthroid to cope with this vacation, and still the dose i was on faded after about four days -- b/c i went tubing and a lot of boating (getting in and out of the darn thing was a trick in itself), and climbing the hill to the cottage -- daunting!! there were huge tree roots too :eek: !

so it was probably the hypER ... it happened to me once before too ...