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He's whackier than the average endo. I wouldn't go back there, if I were you.
The main reason I wouldn't is that he said those symptoms are not thyroid-related, but they definitely can be. It would be presumptious to say they definitely are related in your case, but they are in the majority of cases.

Since I began my own Hashi's journey, I've learned that endos are an odd bunch, narrow-minded and very "by-the-textbook" types. Their sole area of expertise is usually diabetes, and they treat thyroid as an afterthought.
The one I saw told me on the first visit that my symptoms would resolve after I found the right dose of Synthroid. When they didn't, she told me they weren't caused by my thyroid "anyway". Huh??? And then.... She only prescribed Synthroid. She Rx's no other brands or types of med for hypoT... which is typical of an endo's mindset. It turned out I was hypersensitive to it, had to stop it, and she had no alternative plan except to wait ... I suppose she thought I would magically begin to tolerate it someday... !?

Osteopathic, naturopathic, and homeopathic MDs are often the best at treating thyroid. Insurances generally have no qualms about paying osteopaths... They are the most 'mainstream' of the alternative practitioners. My own MD is a homeopath, and my insurance accepts him, as well.
You can find a better doctor by pre-interviewing with the office nurse. Ask if he/she diagnoses and treats by free T levels or only by TSH measurement? (The answer should be free T levels.) Ask if he/she prescribes Armour thyroid. If so, that indicates an open mindset about doing what it takes to make the patient feel well, not just doing that which will make the lab tests look more "normal". Treating hypoT is a genuine art, and you must have a doctor who is willing to try different "media" in expressing that art.

Read as much information as you can absorb about thyroid disease. An educated patient nearly always will be treated more successfully than one who thinks the doctor knows everything.
Quote from k9wife96:
I went to see a new endocrynologist last week as I have been having some strange symptoms for several months now and wanted to get my thyroid levels checked again. I last had them checked in March after a month of being on methimazole and they were back to normal ranges. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in January.
Anyway, I go in with my list of symptoms.
I feel cold alot of the time. Mostly inside as it's impossible to feel cold outside when it's 110 with the heat index.
My periods have been messed up the last 3 months. Lasting off and on for 14-16 days and occuring every 25 days. Even though I am taking the pill.
My hair is falling out by the handful. I have to grab it out of the drain after every shower otherwise it will block the flow of water.
Beginning of May my anxiety got really bad. It had been under control for over 4 years. I upped my Paxil and began seeing a therapist and things are better there.
I have a really bad tremor, mostly just in my left hand and arm but sometimes both.
My nails have become really weak and one of them is peeling halfway down the nail.
Edited to add that I have lost 20lbs over the last several months and the horrible night sweats are back which had gone away for about 2 months after I took the methimazole.
I think that's about it.
Anyway, I tell him all this and he asks me if I have been to see my gyno and I say no I figured I should get my thyroid levels checked first. He then goes on to tell me that nothing I have going on is related to my thyroid.??????!!!!
Am I crazy or is he? This may not all be realted to thyroid but I know a couple of them probably are.
He then proceeded to draw blood, which he did himself. It was the worst blood draw I have ever had. He couldn't find the vein and just left the needle in there and shoved it around until he hit the vein. My arm is black and blue all over the middle of it. And the topper...he didn't bother wearing gloves while he did it. :confused: Isn't that risky not just to him but to me as well. I could have any kind of disease and he wouldn't know and could get it if he stuck himself.
Anyway, I have decided to look for another DR and just call his office and ask them to send the results of my blood work to them. So a couple of questions. Should I go and see my gyno before I find another endo and see what he says. What should I look for in a new endo? What kind of questions can I ask the DR's office to know whether they're any good or is it just hit and miss. I didn't go back to my first endo because he had no bedside manner. Just told me the bare facts, didn't answer my questions sufficiently and really had no time for me.
Sorry this is so long. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA. :)

i can only echo MW1's remarks, except to say that i really get a bad feeling from him ... no doctor should be doing his own blood draws -- i had a nasty one a couple of weeks ago by a "lab tech" who said "your veins are sideways" (huh?) and then proceeded to stab wildly at my arm, i asked for a butterfly needle, she couldn't manage both the needle and the tubes, and then i walked into my dr's office and almost passed out ... many, oh too many to say, blood tests have i had, but none from a lab tech as inexpreienced as this ...

the doctor didn't wear gloves? RUN! RUN AWAY, as fast as you can!

acting as his own lab technician (odd enuff in itself), he should most definitely have worn gloves ...

i don't have quite the negative view of endos as MW has (altho' mine's a doddering idiot), and some GPs are enlightened -- my GP is, who prescribes all my meds for me, including synthroid and cytomel, but i am going to see a naturopath on the 23rd -- perhaps she'll find a better regimen for me than my current one ...

run away! run away screaming!