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My TSH is very low, .008,but my FT4 is low normal and FT3 is high normal. I feel pretty good at this level. My doctor said it was ok that the TSH was low as long as my Frees were in the range. I lost all the weight I gained while hypo and I feel pretty darn good. I don't go to an endo, I go to my gyn and he seems pretty knowledgeable. I now have to fight for my son whose TSH was 3.68 in June and doctor has kept him on same dose of synthroid. He never tests the Free T's. Also my son started on the generic synthroid a few weeks ago. He has been complaining of being tired and brain fog. I am going to gear up for a fight.
I am glad you brought this subject up. I had been on 50 mcg of synthroid for about 71/2 weeks. I was feeling very tired and short of breath and low and behold I am now hyper. All my tests, includeing the Frees are hyper! So the old doctor wants me to cut back to 25 mg. I did that for the first 4 weeks of treatment and was hypo(tested). Quiet frankly I never felt good on synthroid and can't figure out how I became hyper when I still have hypo symptoms. Found a new doctor that gave me Armour and want to make sure that the synthroid is gone so I am waiting a week to try it. I don't think I have a conversion problem, but my FT4 seem to be a little lower than the FT3. I just know I never felt good , only mabye about 10% better for about a week. if the Armour doesn't work I don't know what I will do, but 3 months on synthroid with very little improvement is enough.