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I had all kinds of weird problems with Armour. I'd get a refill, things would be great for a month, then I'd crash and my TSH would rise to 20 and my doc would think I wasn't even taking my pills. I called Forest Pharmaceuticals (makers of Armour), I switched pharmacies, I tried getting 1 month's supply at a time instead of 3, I tried keeping little moisture absorption packs in my pill bottles ... I finally just gave up. My first 2 years on Armour were great, then everthing went crazy and I suffered like hell for another 2 years. TSH should not swing from .01 to 20.5 and back on a consistent dose of 3 grains of Armour!

I never did figure any of this out. We even theorized that maybe I had developed some type of antibody to porcine thyroid hormones. Who knows. I've been back on Levoxyl (which I thought I would NEVER go back to) since late April. I felt better within a month and my hair is growing back. My last TSH was still too high, 4.93, but that was only 6 weeks on Levoxyl. We upped my dose just a tad and she insisted on waiting 3 months (I hate that when docs do that!!) to be retested ... that's up this next week. Hopefully things have stabilized.

I don't know what to tell you, other than that through MY experience, I would suspect the Armour (although others swear by it and never have probs). I never ever had swung up and down hyper to hypo like that during my 10+ years on Synthroid or Levoxyl! It varies, yes, but not THAT drastically.

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[QUOTE]Levoxyl has a checkered history of recalls for being subpotent. They just finished a lawsuit over that very issue, maybe two months ago...
Could you give me more information on the lawsuit. I know that synthroid had a lawsuit that paid out, but I didn't know levoxyl did.