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Thanks everyone. It just seems so hard to keep it together. I own a small business and find myself fighting to work these 12 or 14 hour days which are normally grueling enough but when I feel crappy and I have no one to help with the business so I have absoltuely no choice but to tuff it out and its so difficult.

Its like I would love to call in sick and just lay in bed half the time but can't because I have to fill orders and deal with customers. I've always been a classic over-acheiver and this rediculous problem is a real damper on my inner strength. I am so of the mind set that hard work always pays off and if you set goals you can achieve anything and now with this crappy Thyroid, the goals I set for myself always seem to be interrupted by my Thyroid "flare ups". Really sucks. You start contremplating and further worrying if all these symptoms can really be the Thyroid or not. I sit here sometimes and feel fine and get hit with a dizzy spell or something out of nowhere and think...what the hell is going on? I never heard of a disease that is so unpredicatable like this. There is no rhyme or reason as to the timing of the cycles. Fine one minute, laying in bed the next. I think above all other things, for me at least, it is the unpredictability that sucks most. You can't plan your day cause you never know how you are going to feel from minute to minute.

Im supposed to be "classic Hypo" all the docs tell me, yet when I go and get blood drawn my T3's are abnormally high. I've lost about 35 pounds in the last 3 months as a "Classic Hypo" yet Im still overweight and have all the symptoms of Hypo and many of the symptoms of Hyper too. Goiter in my neck that shrinks and swells when it feels like it. Antibodies are high, TSH is high but varies greatly from day to day and week to week. T4 is low/normal. How the hell am I losing this weight and experiencing trembles and panic attacks if Im classic Hypo? I keep telling docs I want a drug that calms me down and lowers my Thyroid and they keep giving me Synthroid to further incrrease my already high T3 scores. I was kidding with my father that one of these docs are gonna kill me with this Synthroid crap and I want on my stone "Here Lies Hypodude...I told them so"

I just don't get it.