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Is there credible evidence that when taking synthroid for hypo and your blood work shows TSH below the range (example : 0.1) even where there are no hyper symptoms, that you are in danger of increasing the chance of osteoporisis and heart trouble, etc.?

So far I've seen a nurse prac. and an endo who both will NOT increase the synthroid even though i have many symptoms still and here are my latest test results:

Free T4: 11 (9 to 23)
TSH .24 (.35 to 5.0)

All I am asking for is to increase from .088 to .1. That's all. They won't do it. Are they afraid I might sue them if i get osteoporosis? Who knows!

I thought I remember reading somewhere that there is no credible evidence that osteoporosis is likely to occur from taking synthroid.
I did a search on the net with the words osteoporosis and synthroid and came up with a site that spoke 63 studies done on a total of over 3,000 hypo patients over a long period of time. the results were such that 31 of these studies show no adverse effects and 9 of the studies show adverse effects and 23 were somewhere in the middle with partial beneficial or adverse effects. These studies were done from 1990 to 2001. The summary of the article on this site states "In summary, the reviewers conclude that all the the current evidence considered together suggests no significant effect of levothyroxine on bone mineral density, but caution that this is a preliminary conclusion limited by the nature and quality of the studies conducted on this question thus far".

The study also mention that post-menopausal women are more at risk (naturally) and that age was a factor.
Wow. Thanks for the ample info Midwest. With my foggy brain, it'll take me a while to go through it and digest it.

I have a comment where the concern about heart problems is concerned. In my case, my hypothyroidism has caused my cholesterol to go really high even though my died is basically low fat and my weight is avg. When i was diagn. as hypo in 2002 my total chol. was about 350! and after being on .075 mgs for over a year, it dropped to 277. I am now on .088 mg and as far as my symptoms, feel i am still undertreated. I have to wonder how much lower my cholesterol will go once i start feeling better and get my Free T4 at a proper level. Having said all that, isn't it better for me to have a higher dose of synthroid to get my Free T4 at a proper level even though my TSH might be really low?