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Hi All, my reg. dr. says she thinks I have fibro and is sending me to rheumy, appt. is on Wed. I had a lot of bloodwork done so results will be sent there to help. I would like your opinion and also any tips/questions I should ask or tell them. Alright, here is me:
Have hashimotos thyroiditis, dx 9 years ago, am on cytomel and synthroid. Had hysterectomy 2 years ago for preventative reasons (I am 35) and am on estrogen patch. Thyroid levels are good, just had them checked. For the past 6 years my hubby has massaged me to sleep everynight because I am always sore and achy. My joints/muscles/body hurts, not so severe that I can't make it through my day, but enough to limit things I do. I have also been on antidepressants, on and off for 8 years, tried many, too many side effects. Whenever I do anything physical my body feels more sore and very tired, I feel like I exercise all day but don't. My eyes are dry, the skin around my nose and hairline goes through phases of being red and scaley to normal, I feel like I am not all here at times, spacey feeling, and have to force myself to concentrate and I forget things very easily. I go through phases of being bloated with either contipation or diarrhea, I also get headaches and migraines. Bright lights bother me and also I am sensitive to noise--seems like my family has the tv blasting all the time.I don't sleep well, wake up a lot and can't seem to sleep more than a few hours at a time, so I am tired all the time, My hands and feet feel tingly at different times throughout the day, and feel a bit numb, and I have periods of stiffness all over. Now over the past years there were times I felt better than others, but never at a 100% mode, and over the past couple months they have been the most severe. Just holding a bowl of cereal while I am eating makes my arm and hand sore and tired, even my fingers. My glands were also swollen last week when I was in the docs, and that comes and goes too.
Sorry so long, I just wanted to explain how I have been feeling these past years, I have always thought it was just me or had something to do with my thyroid. Thank you for your help, thoughts and opinions.