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if at all possible contact Dr. Shames- I just saw him yesterday and right now I feel like I would throw myself in front of a moving car for him!!! His approach is to start me on tiny dose of Cortef (hydrocortisone) ramping up very slowly for a couple of weeks- then depending on how I'm feeling I will start with .025 Levothyroxine- again ramping up until I'm feeling good. After looking at all of my records he asked me why someone would start me on Synthroid when I have allergies to trees- Synthroid uses Acacia.... I just can't believe some of these doctors!!!!
GLAD TO HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS! Thanks for sharing.:)

I'm thinking I may club my doc over the head and go for the adrenal angle when I go for to get lab checks in a couple of weeks. I am allergic to grass and mold, perhaps I'm allergic to Synthroid or the Adrenals just have gotten tired. It definately sounds like its worth checking into.:)

Where is that Doctor from Slade. I'll go to him where ever he might be...or I'll have my endo phone him. She could use a few tips.

Thanks Again!:)