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I have an underactive thyroid. I will do fine for a good while then it starts to act up and my endo has to increase my dosage. About a yr ago I started off with only 15mcg Levoxyl and now I am at 100mcg of Synthroid. It just keeps going up. I wanted to wait awhile before I had my third child but now I am wondering if I should start now just in case I may not be able to later on. I am 31 yrs old and time is ticking. I didn't want to have a child after 35.
i have an underactive thyroid also. i was diagnosed after i had my first child, probably had it before. i took clomid to get pregnant. the first time took 4 cycles, the second 2 cycles, the third 1 time. i also have polycystic overies, so i was dealing with 2 things. i carried to term with them all. had no problems. its just important to have your levels checked while pregnant. i took the lowest dosage of clomid all three times, even if you don't have insurance it's affordable. i think it was maybe $50. before you start trying chart your temperature to see if your ovulating, if you are you probably won't have much trouble getting pregnant.i was on 125 of synthroid when i got pregnant with my last baby. good luck.
I had my thyroid removed about 2 and a half years ago. Now I am on synthroid every day to give me the thyroid hormone since it is no longer produced naturally in my body. I haven't had any problems with the dosage since I started. I'm hoping it stays fine through pregnancy as well...when I get pregnant that is. We are ttc for the first time this month.

Good luck! I hope thyroid issues to affect ttc. Keep us posted!
I never had any thyroid problems. First time I got it when I got pregnant< i was 3-4 weeks pregnant my gyn found that I had thyroid disorders and she put me on Synthroid 50mg right away. We conceived easily from the first attempt and no problems with pregn ancy. After the baby was born I was still on Synthroid, but the dose was changed, Synthroid 75mg.
So it's been 4 years since I have been taking the pills and TSH test comes up normal every 6 months.
We're ttc now for a second baby, no luck. It's almost 2 years. I hope we'll achieve pregnancy soon.
I ovulate, have regular periods, I chart my BBT regularly, everything is fine.
We are getting acupuncture treatment. We hope it will help us.

Good luck to all
Just wanted to let you know my husband and I tried for a year and a half before they did any test on me. Come to find out I have an underactive thyroid they put me on synthroid and I still could not ovulate. They then put me on Clomid 50 mg and I concieved the very first cycle of clomid. I had avery healthy 8 pound 11 oz baby. Be sure they keep a check on your thyroid throughout your pregnancy. We are now trying for number 2. Best of Luck to you!!!