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Quote from Lady50:
Do you think that a resting heartrate of 54 is too low? I am hypo and just wondered.

It's not low if you're very active - when I am running, biking and lifting weights mine is around 58. When I am not it's around 68-72. "Average" for a woman my age is supposed to be 80something. It's gone up a bit since I started the synthroid, but not a lot.

It depends on whether this is too low for you, Betty.

BTW, the optimal time to check your heart rate is the same time you check your basal temperature - it will be lowest first thing in the morning.

Mint, Thanks for the heads up - I've been keeping track of my HR for years (call me obsessive ;) ) I'll look for changes with a view to symptoms from now on.

I don't know about the sinus problem going away. My thyroid meds are about as good as they can get and I still have some sinus going on some days too. I can't really judge though because of the Lupus thing either. Perhaps when that is addressed I will find that the sinus will go away completely. I know since the synthroid was raised my sinus congestion has been much less so that is a hopeful sign.

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