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The endo I saw was better than my first internist only because she knew that a TSH of 4.83 indicated a thyroid problem. HOWEVER - beyond that - she was pretty useless. At our first visit, she prescribed Synthroid and said that when my levels improve, my symptoms would resolve. When Synthroid promptly made me hyper, she then reversed herself 180° and said my symptoms weren't from my thyroid anyway. Her solution was to take me off Synthroid and wait.... For what, I'm not quite sure. But I didn't wait. Took myself to a homeopathic MD who Rx'ed Armour, and I'm doing quite well now.

There has been an occasional good endo treating someone on this Board; but generally, you'll find they ~
A) Don't run the best tests to monitor treatment;
B) Deny that most symptoms are connected to thyroid dysfunction;
C) Prescribe only synthetic medicines, usually Synthroid;
D) Aren't thyroidologists at all, but instead focus on diabetes.

I'd stick with the naturopath, if I were you.
I see an internal medicine genius of a doctor. After seeing several doctors that told me that it was all in my head, and prescribed antidepressants, I saw an internal medicine female doctor as my primary doctor for my hmo. I did'nt complained to her about my hypo symptoms, I just asked her to test my thyroid. It came back normal. Then I went to a psychiatrist who ordered a TSH test, the internal med doctor ordered it and immediately realized that the TSH varied within the "normal" range. She knows that I am not a typical case, my TSH has to be below range for me to feel good, and when I asked her to try Armour, she said "It is worth the try". She has patients on synthroid and whatever they feel good with. And more than anything, she listens! I wish all doctors were like her. I get so frustrated trying to find a doctor for my sister who lives near Cleveland. I know how frustrating it was before I found her, I suffered for seven years, I knew I was hypo and no one believed it. Armour has changed my life and when I see sooooo many ppl suffering like I did, I have to take a deep breath and hope that more doctors get educated.