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OK guys...here's the deal....Im STILL not fixed yet but finally got a proper diagnosis of having Hashi's after all this time when every doc basically told me Iwas either bipolar or just Hypo with anxiety attacks.

The very curious thing is that I still go in and out of bouts of Hyper and Hypo feeling but my TSH and other scores are almost normal now in comparison to what they were.

If anyone recalls, back in July and August, I was registering TSH's of 15.5 and 16.8 consistently over the last 3 months before that.

I have since been dieting and lost about 40 pounds. This month I had multiple TSH tests done at different labs and I was a 5.6 - not too far off from normal in comparison!

What the hell is going on? Am I getting cured now that I lost some weight and now my body is able to produce enough juice?

In 3 months I went from consistent high 16's for my TSH to 5's!???? I figure if that's the case, I drop another 20 or 30 pounds and I will be almost completely normal however I don't think it will work out quite like that.

I have never taken meds in my life yet but still go through bouts of Hyper and Hypo but now the "normal" stages in between seem to last a little longer thankfully and when I toggle back to HypO, it does not feel as crappy as it used to. - Could also be a summer connection. I have noticed in the past most of the crappier feeling happen to me in summer for whatever reason.

Can the weight I lost actually fix my thyroid problem as my Thyroid no longer has to produce that much TSH to support my new lower weight?

Ultimately, I still think I will have to have my Thyroid zapped because I still have antibodies and my numbers are still high regardless and Im still going through that cycling between Hyper and Hypo but I do feel better at least having a formal diagnosis.

I would like to hear form others if anything like this has happened to them and also what people advise me doing. I can't really take meds because the slightest bit of Synthroid pushes me instantly into Hyper mode so now my current doc does not have me on anything for the time being, but that is likely to change pending more blood tests.

Does anyone know if there is a connection between a person's weight and Hashi's remission?