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I started taking Armour 2 days ago (.25 grains). I noticed an increase in my pulse, (about 20 beats higher than normal). I also, had a difficult time trying to fall asleep, I kept feeling my heart beating, and I would get a jumpy feeling in my body as i drifted off. I did not fall asleep to 2:00 am and (mind you, I went to bed at 10:30pm). I dont know if my anxiety played a role in this. My TSH was just above 2. and my free t4 was a in the middle. My doctor did not test my free t3 (but next time I see him, I will ask to test for it.)

My question is, are these normal symptoms, should I stop and maybe switch to Synthroid. (yes, I know that I am a low dose to begin with.)?

Any input would be great.