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Since having problems with my primary insisting the "old" blood tests were sufficient, I am seeing the NP at Dr. Rees-Jones office on Thursday (he couldn't see me for 3 months!). My Psychiatristwants my tsh at 1 or lower, last test it was 3.49. Currently taking generic synthroid - dosage up to .075 for 6 weeks. I know I need to get the Free Ts tested as well as the TSH.

I had two really good days last week. I was hungry for the first time in forever. Then back to many symptoms.

My questions:
Do I need to ask for other blood tests besides TSH, Free T3, Free T4?
According to another who saw this doc, he doesn't recognize the adjusted test guidelines(wish I had known this before I made the appt!). I find that distressing. Will my shrinks' insistence that I be at 1 or lower carry any weight?
The two good days - could this be a hopeful sign that things are turning around?
I know none of you are psychic, just pretend! Thanks