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I finally received my test results. I'm not really sure if they did the right ones or not....but I would appreciate any input especially because my doctor thinks everything is "just fine". (Then why do I feel soooo bad???) Results are:

Thyroid peroxidase AB = 70+ Range 0 - 2
TSH = 7.07 Range 0.40 - 5.50
T4, free, calculated = 1.93 Range 1.20 - 3.22
T4, Total = 6.7 Range 3.8 - 12.0
T3 uptake = 28.8 Range 22.0 - 37.0
T3, Total = 188 Range 60 - 181

I am currently taking .25 mcg of synthroid daily. Except for the antibodies and the TSH, does everything else look normal?? This is really complicated for me and I'm not a stupid person. (Really.) Please, if anyone has any opinions I would appreciate them. I want to feel better!!!! Thanks, everyone. These boards are better than any doctors I've ever encountered. :p
with that tsh and those antibodies, i think you are WAY undermedicated. i wish you had free t3 instead of the total t3.

are you on .25mg of synthroid? that is an EXTREMELY low dose. i think you need a dosage increase, at a minimum.
I wanted to through my 2 cents in.....I was too scared to ask my dr for an increase or the freet3 tests....I was taking 25mg of Synthroid from April to Oct. I felt like garbage. I finally (after incouragement from this board) asked for the test and eventually the increase. She had no problem doing it. The nurse who drew my blood was hesitant to do it because (the freet3) she said well I don't know if insurance will cover it....I was steaming by then...I looked her in the eye and said my husband works very hard at his job and pays quite a bit for our PRIVATE insurance and if they won't pay for it I WILL!!!
She quickly drew the blood and made sure she wrote down TSH,Freet4 and Freet3.....
Keep pushing!!!! You will feel better!!!
I went to 50 mg of Synthroid(generic)...I have for the last 4 days slept almost the entire night. I was waking at least 5-6 times for no reason. I have a little more energy. I noticed also that I'm not so swollen. My rings were cutting in and they aren't so much niw. Its only been a week. I hope to continue as the medicine makes it into my system. I'm sure the longer I take it the more it builds up. I also have a heart murmur and possible Mitral valve prolapse. I go for furthur testing this week. So my dosage goes up slowly.