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Here are my lab values - went to endo on Friday - he likes the numbers and says to stay with Synthroid 75mcg. Feel okay - tired but then again not sleeping well. He says 100mcg would be just too much.

10/11/04 7/12/04 5/26/04
TSH (0.40 - 4.00) 1.300 3.860 4.310

FT4 (0.8-1.9) 1.430 1.350 1.640

T3 (82-179) 216.00 185.00 152.00

He does acknowledge that the high normal for TSH has been lowered to 2.5.

I have to go back in 6 months - reasonable? Was hoping to feel a little better but really - other than tired - no real - more vague complaints.

Thanks all!

Yeah - that's kind of what I thought, too - however he wasn't going there. Put it this way - my appointment was at 12:30 and by 12:40 I was heading back to the car. I could tell I wasn't going to get anywhere. He also told me I didn't even need to bother having the T3 done - so I'm guessing a free T3 would be out of the question - the lab is in their office, too. What I'm thinking of doing is refilling the prescription I have for the Synthroid 50mcg (I send away for the 75's) then cutting the 50's in quarters - the 12.5 plus the 75 is pretty darn close to the 88 and see how I feel then. If I feel worse I'll go back to 75, if I feel better I'll eventually get a prescription for the 88. I'm also going to start a hunt for a new doctor. There is a DO that some of my friends go to - I want to check with her first though to see how she treats thyroid. If her thought process isn't any different, it isn't worth switching and I'll have to keep searching. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel terrible, I just wish I could feel better...

Thanks for your input dea4!