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I've had an elevated Sed rate for over a year but it just keeps getting higher. I went to an Endo for 9 months and finally got rid of him because he didn't really listen to me or how I was feeling. He diagnosed me with Hashimoto's last November. I told my family doc I wanted him to manage my thyroid so he ran some tests. He didn't do a complete thyroid panel only tsh which was .76. Best read I've ever had...usually it is between 4 and 8 or suppressed. I was taking 125 mcgs of synthroid until today. My family doc agreed to put me on Armour and retest me in 4-6 weeks. He is concerned about my elevated sed rate but I am under the assumption that could be a part of the Hashimoto's. AM I wrong to think that? I see a Rheumatologist next month to rule out other things. I just feel, in my gut, it is all thyroid related.

What do you think? Last summer the rate was 32. Now it is 45.