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Quote from bostongrl:
Thanks Midwest. No, I'm not elderly. I'm 33. My doctor said she started me on a low dose because I was "borderline" and she didn't want me to turn hyper.
This statement raises a red flag. It most likely means she will try to adjust your dose by watching your TSH level. This will nearly guarantee that you'll always be undertreated and never feel well. Once a person begins taking med for hypoT, TSH becomes absolutely unimportant. The free T4/T3 levels are what matter. If you want to feel well and get your FT levels where they need to be, you may have to find another doctor who knows more about thyroid disease. The one credit I can give her is that she agreed to prescribe for you even though the TSH was "in range". Many won't even do that.

It seems fitting to tell you now that I began on a small dose of Synthroid, which made me hyper within one month. The dose was reduced to the lowest dose that's still a dose - 50 mcgs - and that still made me hyper. That endo said I should stop it and wait, because she was unwilling to try anything except Synthroid.
I didn't wait. Took myself to a different doctor who prescribed Armour thyroid, and I have never gone hyper on it. (In fact, I will lobby for an increase at my next visit.... but that's another story.)
I'm telling you this so that you'll know that different meds can have different effects. If you have trouble with what you're taking, you'll know you have options.