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I was a hashimoto's sufferer before i had my thyroid removed. Now I am on synthroid to replace the hormones. If you do a search for hashimoto's you will find lots and lots of information on this board. Why did they think you had a gallbladder problem? Just curious.
I had been having some stomach issues and recently found out that I have IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Some of those symptoms can be similar to gallbladder. I would get sick after eating greasy food or fatty food. Developed an intolerance to alcohol. My aunt had always told me that that's what made her realize she had a gallbladder problem. So I thought, Ok so it could be the gallbladder but the pain is on the wrong side. So I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and found out I have a spastic colon. Hopefully when you get regulated with medication you won't have any stomach issues.
As for the uptake scan it is painless. I can't quite remember how the procedure went other than they had me take the iodine pill and then I had to lay on a table where they took different angled xrays of my thyroid. Nodules that are warm or functioning are usually benign. Nodules that show up cold can be a problem. If you have hashimotos more than likely that is why you have a nodule. This is a part of the disease and normally the nodules are not malignant. My thyroid grew to be 4 times the size it should have been and had many nodules. They were all due to the disease.
Good luck