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Why do my legs hurt so bad? They just ache and it makes it very difficlult to walk. I am only 30 and not to mention I have a 14 month old son.
Supposedly, I got Hypo from being pregnant, but who knows? I started out with a TSH of 150, and my old endo would never do any test other than a TSH because he was convinced it was post-partum thyroiditis, so I switched because I was not getting any better and he wouldn't listen to me. Now they tell me I have Hashimoto's.
I am new to this disease and all the symptoms that go with it. It seems like every day when I get up something new is wrong or hurts. And my poor son, he is so full of energy and wants mommy to play all the time, and God knows I try, but it is so hard ot function some days.
And one more thing, has anyone else noticed that people that have no idea what this is like and are non-chalaunt about it. My parents especially, "oh don't you take a pill for that and your fine?" Oh yea, wish it were that simple!
I am so tired of being all over the map emotionally and physically...........
Gosh, I rambled on..so I'll stop for now, but thanks to anyone who reads this.

Oh..one more thing, I go for an endo appt next week, and I was wondering if I should ask about Armour? I have been on Synthroid (right now .1 mg) since Feb. and never really feel any better, but the dr just always ups the dose. Does it depend on what my labs are? (which I will get a copy of)