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I have been doing some extensive research on the doctors in my area. There isn't much to chose from. I have to drive and hour and a half just to see a good gyn. Guess I need to start traveling for a good endo. There is one doctor here that keeps coming up in all my searches. I am thinking that he may be ok cause he came up on the armour thyroid web site. Sometimes I see his name with the initials F.A.C. at the end. Does anyone know what that means? He is also considered Nuclear Medicine. I will be contacting his office to see just what he does and may actually make an appointment to interview the doctor.

I have also been in touch with a thyroid advisor from the UK. She suggests getting cytomel from Mexico and adding that to my synthroid. Should I increase my own dosage without getting an ok from doctor? Is there any kind of sepplements that I can take that would compliment/enhance synthroid?

Ugh! I am so stinking frustrated. These doctors are the ones that have the education and are supposed to know more than me. Why do I need to tell them how to do their jobs!

Although I completely understand the frustration that leads people to consider self-treatment, I never advise it. It's far too risky, and the consequences are dire.

IMO, an MD who is willing to prescribe Armour usually knows more about thyroid than anyone who stubbornly sticks with Synthroid or other T4 only meds. But you can call ahead and interview the office nurse about his thyroid philosophy. Ask if he diagnoses and treats using TSH only. If so, move on to the next candidate on your list. You'll never feel well using TSH as your guide. The free Ts are what should be considered.

You can take selenium. It may help boost your thyroid function. If you don't take any now, start with 200 mcgs per day. After a month or two, decrease to 100 mcgs per day. (If you take a multi-vitamin, look for selenium content there and be sure to consider it as part of your daily dose.)

FAC is an abbreviation for a fellowship in some kind of professional organization, I think.... may be wrong about that. Maybe someone else knows for sure.