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Thanks for your reply - the thyroid is one area I don't know much about. I am finally feeling 'lucky' about my health because after confronting my doc after 6 months of muscle weakness that had nothing to do with being 'out of shape' (chiroporactor, phys therapy) the cpk came back elevated. Now everyone that gets involved does his job and rules stuff out!!! I hired a new primary doc and don't expect to have that happen to me again.
You definitely have low thyroid function, and it's severe enough that it is the likely cause of at least some of your health issues. Your TSH above 10 is proof of it. Do NOT let any doctor tell you that your thyroid function is "normal" or not worthy of treatment. It's vital that you find a good thyroid doctor.... Far from most of them even know a lot about the master gland. They study only what's in one chapter of the med school textbook; after that, most even entirely skip the 2-week endocrine rotation during residency. We on the board would be nearly unanimous in saying that finding a good thyroid doctor takes an extremely persistent search for most people. Ignorance of proper thyroid treatment sadly abounds in the medical community. Please keep that in mind as you go about finding help for yours.

Also, begin now to learn as much about thyroid function and treatment as your mind can absorb. It takes an informed patient to be able to stand up for herself and demand the best treatment, and she'll inevitably do far better than one who lets everything up to the MD. You'll find a lot of good info in our "Information Archive" sticky thread at the top of the subject list. The books recommended there are first-rate.

[quote]As far as the myopathy goes - surprise! As it turns out I am on Celexa for depression which the Rheumy says he gives patients to help with muscle pain so if I weren't taking this I expect much more pain. Right now it is mostly a weakness/atrophy type looking problem.Here are URLs for two studies I found regarding what the biopsy results of hypoT myopathy look like. You might want to print them out for your rheumy to look at... Chances are good he doesn't know any more about the subject than a first-year med student. (Before copying and pasting the URL into your browser window, remove the blue [url] and [/url] portion of the address. Due to a glitch in the forum format, URLs sometimes appear with those notations, and it can be hard for the poster to delete them.)

[quote]What is Euthroid????Euthroid is a brand of T4 supplement, which is one treatment given to hypothyroid people. Synthroid is the most-Rx'd and best-known brand of this hormone. Why do you ask? Has someone prescribed it for you?
Euthroid is a brand of T4 supplement, which is one treatment given to hypothyroid people. Synthroid is the most-Rx'd and best-known brand of this hormone. Why do you ask? Has someone prescribed it for you?

No one rx'ed it for me I thought that is what the Rheumy said I was - not hypo - not hyper but Euthroid or I have Euthroid thyroid - I must have misunderstood. I thought it was because I had elevated tsh but normal t4

T4 10.2 range 4.5 - 10.9

TSH 10.26 H range 0.35 - 5.5

My ANA was 1-5120 which in the summary on the lab report it says that thyroid disease can cause elevated ANA but mine is higher more like Lupus but no ohter symptoms of lupus or no other positive autoimmune tests. Is it your understanding that long term long standing untreated hypot would/could cause elevated CPK?

BTW how high does a TSH go?? My GI doc said that was not very high????

Thanks for your help. I have 2 tests scheduled this week and the primary doc also. I will ask him to run all the thyroid tests again and then make an appointment with an endo. It seems that we just have 1 group of them in this town. Don't know who might be good. I can go a little out of town if I have to but where to go is still a guess.

My sister and 2 aunts have hypot.

Thanks again.
Hi all,

"Good" news and "bad" news. - I had the thyroid labs drawn again - incidentally both were non-fasting (I guess that's wrong). My TSH is more normal in the 4. range and the T4 is 1.1 the T3 3.0. I do have thyroid antibodies. This was given to me over the phone so I don't know which one I have or do you have both? He didn't specify. He said he knows my thyroid is playing a role but he wants to wait to get the muscle bx back (remember they are looking for lupus or polymyosistis due to my elevated ANA) also remember I have to have a PET scan for the spot on my lung.

After reading more online and on this site about Hashi's I feel certain that this is what it is but I understand his hesitation. He said he would be willing to start me on low dose synthroid after we see what the bx says. I didn't realize that you would go from hyper to hypo with hashi's. Boy this makes sense in my life.

Any natural remedies I could take to help me til then?

Thanks Midwest.