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Hi Meep and Chris,

Thanks so much for your input! I suspected as much, that my cortisol was too low.

I have suspected an adrenal problem for years (however, not of this nature - I fit many of the symptoms associated with pheochromocytoma). I requested a 24 hour urine years ago ('96), was told test results were normal. I will have to see if I have the labs on that to see what that said, out of curiosity. [I just did a search of my medical file at home and found those labs, but don't have the time right now to post them - I will later]

My goodness but all this hormone stuff gets confusing :rolleyes:

I have felt awful for 13 years (when given the FMS diagnosis), but seems I am only now beginning to touch the tip of the iceberg. I had read that thyroid should not be treated without addressing adrenal problems first, but endo did not test for that until 3+ months after starting synthroid for hashimoto's. Then told me it was normal.

I am kicking myself for not having him discuss the test results with me when I last saw him, a couple of weeks ago (2 months after sending the postcard that it was normal).

Thanks to both of you for the recommended reading and search words. I have requested the following book from my library: Adrenal Fatigue : the 21st century stress syndrome. From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitlebaum was not available, but it would be no problem to purchase it.

Chris - I noticed from other posts here that the Addison board would be the place to check out too and was doing a search there under your name, as I noticed others here had posted to you for help. I was happily surprised when my post suddenly popped up under the search of your name - you had replied here while I was searching the Addison board, LOL. I will read and post there too, as I get a chance.

So buried in hormone issues these days, not enough hours in the day. I also was bitten by at least one deer tick this spring, when all kinds of new symptoms appeared, so been knee deep in Lyme research. Also have the female hormones to deal with and big changes there - so gosh only knows what symptoms are related to what at this stage of the game.

I appreciate any and all info anyone can throw my way. I will check it all out!

Thanks Again!
Peeps :wave: