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Hey, Fellow Thyroid Disease Sufferers-

I just spoke to my endo (she has calling hours late in the evening). I've been SO looking forward to starting Cytomel, and I've been waiting for the results of my latest bloodwork to show that Cytomel is necessary. Well, it turns out that my results are "contradictory" (with respect to thyroid). It also seems that I may be anemic and may be in the beginning stages of Type II diabetes (I'm only 38). My endo won't start me on Cytomel until I am retested. She wants to resolve my others issues before giving me a new medication. I understand where she's coming from, but my Hashi's/Hypo symptoms are driving me NUTS! I'm on Synthroid (have been for years) but feel fairly certain that I need some T3.

I asked for my test results to be sent to me, and I will be asking you Numbers Experts for your opinion once I receive them.

I'm just so darn FRUSTRATED.

Thanks for listening,