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Hi all...
I was asking one of the DO's at the place I work about my thyroid and why it possibly just goes out of "whack" out of the blue. He told me that my thyroid is eventually going to "burn out" - that's why the levels keep changing. He assured me though, that "burning out" is going to be the best thing that will happen for me as far as my thyroid goes because it will no longer be a problem. He said that the gland is no longer useful because it's not performing as it should. :rolleyes: Well, ok...I get that part because that's why I have to take replacement hormones (had RAI 15 years ago for hyper - been on hypo meds ever since). Does anybody have any opinions about this? If that's the case, why wait for it to "burn out"...why not just have it taken out with thyroidectomy and get it overwith? (I didn't have a chance to ask him that). My sister had thyroidectomy and STILL has to take her synthroid daily. I guess I'm not understanding .... once the thyroid gland is completely removed, are there LESS chances of suffering with hypot symptoms...ie..weight gain, mood swings, etc? Because there no gland at all?
My sister also has gastric bypass surgery 2 years after her thyroidectomy and doesn't have any problem with weight gain as one of her hypo symptoms...but does have a calcium problem. Can anyone help make some sense of this for me please :confused:
Just as a side note... it is illegal in Florida to switch a prescription for thyroid medication to another one. At least that is what my pharmacist told me. If the doctor writes Synthroid, they cannot change it to levothyroxine without the doctor's approval.

Since Lucy mentioned being in Central Florida, just thought I would mention it. I've felt like crap since the hurricanes, though it's just now starting to get better. That is some major stress, one hurricane after another and we didn't even have time to get supplies by the time Jeanne came through.

I've decided that these three months just don't count as far as taking the medication are concerned. I am not sure if I'm not getting enough or if I was just stressed beyond belief. Time for bed, or I would write more.