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Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Are you on Cytomel in addition to another thyroid med? I'm on Synthroid and am trying to talk my endo into adding Cytomel. It's encouraging to hear that Cytomel makes such a difference.

Wishing you good health in 2005 and thereafter,


Quote from hotncold:
I LOVE cytomel, after three weeks of useless hypo hell, I already feel better after only three hours on cytomel. I am going to try to go to work tomorrow. My brain feels sharper and joint pain is there but I think starting to lessen.

Unfortunately I have only 6 beautiful beige pills left until I have to sink into hyponess once again for RAI. At least this time its actually scheduled and will happen. I'll be radioactive for Christmas though which is quite a bummer - can't have any contact with my 4 yr old. But the timing was my choice - I WANT THIS OVER WITH!!!!!! Here's to cancer free in 2005...... :bouncing:
Thanks all!

LovesTeaching - this is temporary for me while awaiting RAI for cancer. I cannot have synthroid as it leaves your body slowly and I have to be very hypo for RAI. Also, you should remember that I have NO thyroid and had no thyroid hormone, so for me, my body was starving for T3. After my RAI I suspect I will be placed on T4 alone.

That's not to say you do not need cytomel. Just wanted to point out that my situation is extreme and temporary and should not mislead anyone to take T3 who will not benefit from it.

I wish you well!!!!