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My thyroid was in the range considered "low but acceptable", for just under 3 years. When my symptoms were at their worst I still measured in the acceptable range for nearly a year before tests proved the diagnosis. My doctor was the one who told me the blood tests were not that effective. My mother (who was the first to display symptoms) waited 5 years before it showed up on blood tests and my sister waited 2 years. My aunt who had the scan up front did not have to wait at all. My dog who had very visible symptoms of hypothyroidism also came out negative and the vet suggested a scan because she believed he might die before it was detected by blood. If you have the chance to ask for the scan, do it! Then you would know for sure if you can rule thyroid disease out.
Hypothyroidism is controlled by taking one pill a day (Synthroid or Eltroxin), adjusted to your body's need of the hormone. If you have hyperthyroidism then the pill would be different.
Thyroid disease has other symptoms besides being extremely tired : feeling either too hot or too cold, dry skin, hair loss, memory loss, rapid or slow heartbeat. Do you have any other symptoms?
Incidentally I have always thought I had fybromyalgia but was diagnosed with fibrositis instead!