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Hi All,

I'm a 47 yr old female who needs advice on which way to turn now to get an accurate DX.

I've had many of the MS symptoms for awhile now (a couple of years), and have finally made the move to get a firm DX. Called our family dr and after some discussion on the phone and she ordered blood tests and a back x-ray. (My main complaint is serious back pain that wakes me up during the night many times, in the lumbar region of my back.)

I went in to see the dr last week and she had all of the test results back - all negative for Rheum. Arthritis, Lyme, Thyroid, etc. (I had Graves disease years ago and had my thyroid gland removed - I'm on Synthroid - levels are good.) The back xray revealed some arthritis in 2 discs in my middle back, but nothing at all with my lumbar region.

When I brought up the possibility (again), of MS, she basically told me that the back pain most certainly was not related to MS and we could discuss it at "our next" appt. She gave me a prescription for Flexeril (which doesn't help and increases my headaches), and a referral to physical therapy (which seems to me to be irresponsible since she can't determine what is wrong with the lumbar region of my back.)

At that time she asked me very specifically, "What do you want from me?" I told her I wanted an MRI and a referral to Neuro. I got the "next appt." response again.

My dr treated me like she thought I was a hypochodriac or something. Which REALLY endeared her to me, and just brushed all of my concerns aside. I even had a listing of MS symptoms with me with annotations beside the ones that applied to me - all ready for her to read. She handed it back to me without looking at it and advised me to "stay off the internet".

We're talking about a military dr - a resident - who has never before this appt, seen me. (I'm 4 years behind in getting my annual mammogram done - that's how big a "hypochodriac" I am.)

The Graves Disease went undiagnosed for years and I have complications that I'll live with for the rest of my life. If it had been caught earlier, the residual effects would likely have been MUCH more minor. I'm taking charge of my medical care and won't let this one die from lack of interest from a resident.

My question is, what should my next step be? Should I get in to see a Neuro next? I know I can get a referral - not from her though. Do I want to see a Neuro before or after the MRI? After thinking about it, I don't want another appt with my family dr. She pretty much blew it with me and I don't have to just accept her lack of caring - there are other avenues I can take. I just don't know which comes first - the MRI or the Neurologist?