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Hi, I had a goiter which had been growing for 20 years. It got to be the size of a tennis ball. I had a needle biopsy done. One stick, without a pain killer drug. The mass was mostly fluid. The biopsy test was benign. But because the goiter was getting big and pressing on my vocal cords and causing trouble with swallowing I had a thyroidectomy. The whole goiter and thyroid was removed. Pathology sliced the removed tissue and goiter and found a 1 cm cancerous growth. The biopsy did NOT reveal the cancer. The surgeon said the cancerous area was encapsulated and therefore the easiest to cure by removing the whole thing. I did not need chemotherapy. Apparently this type of cancer did not spread but could have if I had not had the surgery at that time. I was lucky. My goiter/thyroid was too large to kill with radioactive material. I am happy I had the whole mess removed. I am on synthroid now for the rest of my life. (A small inexpensive thyroid hormone pill.) Don't let any abnormal growth go unchecked. Good luck and good health. Dawnsmist