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Hi. I posted previously that I have had some improvement in the last two months since my Synthroid was increased to .75 mcg. I still have some symptoms, the worst ones being fatigue and brain fog. I asked the nurse practitioner who is treating me about adding some Cytomel to see if these symptoms improve. She said she does not have experience with this. I asked a doctor that I see for another condition and was told the same thing.

I have made an appointment to see a different doctor next week. The office staff suggested that I bring my previous records. I am uncomfortable doing this. What if this doctor is not helpful or I don't want to go back to him? What is the best way to tell the nurse practitioner that I will be seeing someone else or should I just wait until after the appointment to say anything (in case the doctor cannot do anything)? The nurse practitioner has helped me greatly when no one else would. She works at my primary doctor's office, and I would like to continue to see her.

Thanks for any suggestions. I have gotten so much great advice from this board and it is helping me to reclaim my life! :)