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You are correct. Many Dr.s seem to only look at the TSH. I'm afraid there isn't much to change the thinking of a Dr. who thinks this is the Holy Standard by which he/she should operate. You are also correct about needing to be your own best advocate, that applies to all aspects of your health, but you already know that. I was in my 50's before I got tired of hearing "Everything is normal, this is all just part of life and aging. Go home and get used to it." I finally changed Dr.s and then was referred to a bunch more who all said the things I was experiencing were not normal part of life and aging, Fortunately for me, I have no life threatening conditions, except perhaps the hypertensive heart that resulted from 5 years of being undermedicated with my thyroid.

About the thyroid, it affects the whole of your bodily functions. If you search the web for thyroid disease you will see that without thyroxine you will die, with too much thyroxine, you will die. I guess it goes back to the bible and all things in moderation. If you have an extremely hyper thyroid gland it will speed up everything in your body, resperations, persperation, bowels, digestion, heart rhythm, even mental precesses. My grandmother had Graves Disease and she used to say she couldn't sleep at all, her mind just wouldn't shut down and let her sleep. Then came my aunt who is hypo and all she wanted to do was sleep, her skin got dry, her hair stopped growing, she gained an oppressive amount of weight, she suffered constipation a lot, had a sluggish heart rhythm, high cholesterol, high bloodpressure. The list goes on but the bottom line is both were helped when their thyroid was brought on line again. My grandmother had to have much of her thyroid killed off through radiation, they didn't have the drugs back then that they have now. My aunt and I, and many others in our family are taken care of with synthroid.

The thyroid is as important to your life as breathing and eating, really it is. I'm glad your hair loss was temporary and is now correcting itself. If it was the thyroid, and the thyroid is now functioning normally, it will reverse itself. No help for this strange stuff. Dr.s can't treat what won't stay constant in your country or mine.

The important thing is that we stay on top of our symptoms and get tested when we feel there is a problem. If you do have hashi's, sooner or later it will reveal itself. For now it truly doesn't sound as if you are in any danger.

Stay in touch and May God Bless and Keep Us All
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