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Softcrush gave great info. I hav taken my meds sublingually for several years with no incidence and always very stable and predictable blood results.

Based on wat you are saying, you are switching doses much faster than what you should always make slow, subtle changes and wait 6 weeks for levels of Free T4 to be stable.

On the pills dissolving and leaving a residue, I have had the best luck with Unithroid (preferred) and Synthroid. I have also tried a generic, but it was more chalky than the other two and didnt' seem to dissolve quite as well. I haven't tried Levoxyl, but I know that Levoxyl tablets are softer and may dissolve faster.

I also break my Unithroid and Armour up with my teeth a little so they dissolve faster. I don't know if it helps absorbtion, but I do it and just try to remain consistent. Consistency is important .
I have found that white (50mcg) Synthroid pills are sweeter and easier on the tummy than the colored versions. YUM!:)

Most of the t4 pills come in a white version for the 50mcg size. You may want to look into it.

By far the chalkiest, flimsiest pill I've taken was a generic form of Armour. It also gave me pee urgency! Ya know...that's when you run to the bathroom and then you CAN'T go when you get there!

PS: A lot of us ripped off the sublingual idea from MEEP. He's very cool! Thanks Meep...you rock!:)